Ampete 444

Ampete 4×4/FX Midi Amp/Cabinet Switching System

The Ampete 444 switches and routes up to 4 different Amplifiers (one at a time) into 4 (up to two at at a time) different speaker-cabinets via MIDI program or control change. In case the connected amplifiers feature an FX-loop, one multi effect can be assigned to any of them, which gives the option of spillover effects between the different amps in conjunction with a delay or reverb. That way the most favored effect or an external loopersystem can be used with any possible combination. That function can be toggled on and off (hardware bypass) at the front via the FX-Loop switch. Such the preamp signal can be routed to an effect chain or directly into the power amp.


  • 4 Amplifiers selectable
  • 4 speaker cabs selectable (up to 2 at once)
  • FX-Loops (Send/Return) from any of those 4 amplifiers selectable
  • Master FX-Loop to loop one effect or an external looper system (FX-Loop is located in between amplifier´s preamp and power amp)
  • Line out to drive separate power amps
  • buffered and unbuffered inputs
  • feed thru jacks for easy wiring in the rack
  • amplifier and speakercab selection with NO sound degradation, switching noise and latency
  • 100% safety guarantee for your amplifiers, amp can not be chosen without having a speaker cabinet selected;
  • easy handling and programming via the frontpanel LED buttons
  • MIDI programmable (PC und CC)
  • Dimensions: 19’/2 rack units
  • Made in Germany



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