FX-25 Full Control

Built-in two expanders which provide easy access to all 27 CCs without expanding your board.
Great space-saving feature!
Choose your configuration and store it in seconds.
It is that simple..

The FX–25 Full Control features:

Send PC (Program Change) & CC (Control Change),
64 banks/songs, each one containing 6 presets or 9 presets with expander
6 preset switches (blue LED)
One PRESET can send 74 midi commends ( 2 x 27 CC, 16 PC, 2 exp. pedals, 2 virtual exp. pedals )
27 direct access switches ( momentary or latch ) for CC commends ( 12 on foot & 15 on hand ),
Every direct access switch can send 2 midi CC on 2 different channels (1-16)
Quick SAVE button (press and hold 2nd to store your settings),
Two (global and per preset) expression pedal port,
Two (per preset) virtual expression pedal,
Bank UP& DOWN switches – scroll through banks/songs without activating presets,
Direct access switches assignable up to 7 groups
7 set lists,
Heavy-duty stomp switches, CARLING TYPE
Expression pedal port calibration,
Expander port (expander 1st & expander 2nd),
Software upgrades & editing software for your PC/Mac via USB2.0,
Easy copying presets, banks/songs, set lists,
Easy naming presets/songs, set lists, midi channels, direct access switches and more,
Individual configuration for direct access switches to operate as latching type or momentary type,
TAP TEMPO MODE for switch (S5, S6, S11, S12) momentary or latch – preset change won`t mess up in your tempo stored in effect processors,
Sends 127 Midi Program Change Commands on 16 separate user defined Midi channels,
Standard (5-pin) MIDI IN and MIDI OUT jack,
Heavy-duty RACK LINK connection (midi out & power),
Powered by 9VAC/500mA adapter ,
External power OUT 9VDC/500mA for WAH and Tuner,
Rugged steel enclosure,
Size: W540 mm x D285mm x H85mm x L 40mm

On the back panel there is a MIDI IN/OUT, power supply input, 2 expression pedal plugs, expander out, RACK LINK input and a USB port used for programming the device with the included software and EXTERNAL CONTROL.

Warranty 2 years

Power In: Power supply socket for AC 9VAC/600mA  Plug 2,5 mm x 5,5 mm
Operational temperature: -15C / +50 oC
Height: Back: 85 mm, Front: 40 mm
Width: 540 mm
Length: 285 mm
Weight: 2,5 kg / 5 pounds


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