Midi Loop LS-16

LS-16 is equipped with 10 effect loops, 6 switches ground separated.
LS-16 is controlled by MIDI CC (Control Change) commands over 16 MIDI channels.
LS-16 is compatible with any type of MIDI controller capable of sending CC commands, but to ensure proper operation and maximum effectiveness we recommend using MARK L controllers.

perfectly transparent sound
ultra-clean sound
signal to noise ration comparable to CD quality recording s(102dB)
no dynamic loss
full bandwidth
silent, click-free switching,  even in high gain level
MIDI compatibility
six relay contact closures (S1-S6) for devices utilizing switch to ground functions
high grade low noise line driver ( BURR BROWN OPA Line Driver )
alternating or direct current operation

The effects loop can be hooked up with:

10 mono effects (10 effects plugged in before the amplifier)
10 mono effects  (10 effects plugged in the amplifier’s FX LOOP )

By dividing the loop into two sections we can plug in:

10 mono effects (6 before the amplifier and 4 in the amplifier’s FX LOOP)

The front panel consists of 17 LED diodes informing which loop (L1-L10) or which switch (S1-S6) is on and a MIDI light which informs if the device is receiving MIDI signals.

To connect to the FC-25 use the lockable XLR6. MIDI-IN is equipped with additional power supply thanks to which the FC-25 may be powered by the LS-16 ( pin 1-2 AC power for FC-25,  pin 4-5 MIDI DATA,  pin 3-6 12AC power for FC25 DC converter).To connect audio through a high grade line buffer, connect to the lockable JACK 6,3MM GUITAR IN.

The rear panel consists of  6,3 mm ‘jack’ receptacles used for connecting effects, audio signals and control the amplifier and other devices

LINK OUT – direct  OUT ( from front panel GUITAR IN )
INPUT 1 – effects loop 1-6 IN ( without high impedance input buffer )
OUTPUT 1 – ffects loop 1-6 OUT ( high impedance output buffer )
INPUT 2 – effect loop 7-10 IN
OUTPUT 2 – effects loop 7-10 OUT
TUNER OUT – ISO separated TUNER out
10 xSend – used for connecting the effect’s INPUT
10 x Return – used for connecting the effect’s OUTPUT
6 x Switch – used for controlling the amplifier channels, tone etc.
GND/LIFT – chasis ground lift switch
MIDI IN – used for communications with a midi controller
MIDI OUT THRU – MIDI thru out for additional device
MIDI CHANNEL  – switch used for switching channel from 1 to 16
POWER IN – power supply socket for AC  9V/1A (AC Plug 2,5mmx5,5mm)
EXT POWER IN – for AC power converter 12VAC /250mA (AC Plug 2,5mmx5,5mm)

Warranty 2 years

Power In: Power supply socket for AC 9VAC/1A Plug 2,5 mm x 5,5 mm
Operational temperature: -15C / +50 oC
Height: 1U (44 mm) Rack Space
Width: 19″ (482 mm) Rack Space
Length: 185 mm
Weight: 1,5 kg / 3 pounds


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