Midi Loop S-10

S-10 is equipped with 10 effect loops,
S-10 is controlled by MIDI CC (Control Change) commands over 16 MIDI channels.
S-10 is compatible with any type of MIDI controller capable of sending CC commands, but to ensure proper operation and maximum effectiveness we recommend using MARK L controllers.

perfectly transparent sound
ultra-clean sound
signal to noise ration comparable to CD quality recording s(102dB)
no dynamic loss
full bandwidth
silent, click-free switching,  even in high gain level
MIDI compatibility
high grade low noise line driver ( BURR BROWN OPA Line Driver )
alternating or direct current operation

The effects loop can be hooked up with:

10 mono effects (10 effects plugged in before the amplifier)
10 mono effects  (10 effects plugged in the amplifier’s FX LOOP )

By dividing the loop into two sections we can plug in:

10 mono effects (6 before the amplifier and 4 in the amplifier’s FX LOOP)

The front panel consists of 11 LED diodes informing which loop (L1-L10) or MIDI light which informs if the device is receiving MIDI signals.
To connect to the FC-25 use the lockable XLR6. MIDI-IN is equipped with additional power supply thanks to which the FC-25 may be powered by the S-10 ( pin 1-2 AC power for FC-25,  pin 4-5 MIDI DATA,  pin 3-6 12AC power for FC25 DC converter).
To connect audio through a high grade line buffer, connect to the lockable JACK 6,3MM GUITAR IN .

The rear panel consists of  6,3 mm ‘jack’ receptacles used for connecting effects, audio signals and control the amplifier and other devices

LINK OUT – direct OUT ( from front panel GUITAR IN )
INPUT 1 – effects loop 1-6 IN ( without high impedance input buffer )
OUTPUT 1 – effects loop 1-6 OUT ( high impedance output buffer )
INPUT 7 – effect loop 7 IN
SEND 7 – effect loop 7 SEND
RETURN 7 – effects loop 7 RETURN
OUTPUT 7 – effects loop 7 OUT
INPUT 8 – effect loop 8 IN
SEND 8 – effect loop 8 SEND
RETURN 8 – effects loop 8 RETURN
OUTPUT 8 – effects loop 8 OUT
INPUT 9 – effect loop 9 IN
SEND 9 – effect loop 9 SEND
RETURN 9 – effects loop 9 RETURN
OUTPUT 9 – effects loop 9 OUT
INPUT 10 – effect loop 10 IN
SEND 10 – effect loop 10 SEND
RETURN 10 – effects loop 10 RETURN
OUTPUT 10 – effects loop 10 OUT
TUNER OUT – ISO separated TUNER out
10 xSend  – used for connecting the effect’s INPUT
10 x Return – used for connecting the effect’s OUTPUT
GND/LIFT – chasis ground lift switch
MIDI IN – used for communications with a midi controller
MIDI OUT THRU – midi thru outfor additional device
MIDI CHANNEL  – switch used for switching channel from 1 to 16
POWER IN – power supply socket for AC  9V/1A (AC Plug 2,5mmx5,5mm)
EXT POWER IN for AC power converter 12VAC /250mA (AC Plug 2,5mmx5,5mm)

Warranty 2 years.

Power In: Power supply socket for AC 9VAC/1A Plug 2,5 mm x 5,5 mm
Operational temperature: -15C / +50 oC
Height: 1U (44 mm) Rack Space
Width: 19″ (482 mm) Rack Space
Length: 185 mm
Weight: 1,5 kg / 3 pounds


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