Midi Amp Selector

Midi Amp Selector:

Up to 3 amplifiers.
6 control switches for amps use
Save & silent switching system for amps into the same cabinet or other device
1 amp can run at a time
Impedance matching buffers
Transformer-isolated inputs for ultra-low noise ratio and ground hum elimination
MIDI control via CC (Control Change Commands)
2 auxiliary line outputs – first as direct out, second as post-poweramp signal
Handcrafted with a use of a highest quality components – supreme tone clarity guaranteed

A common problem with a multiple amp set-up of tube  amps is how to keep  them QUIETLY and to have flexibility  in  the control. A standard one rack space unit that has three separate transformers to ensure silent switching between any combination of pre-amps, power amps and other effects, with no loss in signal quality to each of the units and connects the amps to a common loudspeaker cabinet.Unused amps are protected, only one amp is allowed to be active at a time. Thus amp switching happens without any  line buzz, popping or signal weakness.A rear panel tuner output is also provided, and is active even when no amps are selected.Our gear also has DIRECT  OUT – buffered audio OUT for WET/DRY/WET guitar system.It also has LINE OUT (POWERAMP OUT) – ISO separated OUT (with level control) for WET/DRY/WET guitar system.AMP SELECTOR  is midi controlled (via Control Change Commands)


The front panel has 11 LED diodes informing which AMPLIFIER (AMP1-AMP3) or which switch (S1-S6) is on, a MIDI light which informs if the device is receiving MIDI signals and MUTE light which  informs if the all system MUTE and TUNER on. LINE OUT LEVEL control ( off to -15dbu )To connect to the FC-25 use the lockable XLR6.MIDI-IN SOCKET is equipped with additional power supply thanks to which the FC-25 may be powered by the Amp Selector ( pin 1-2 AC power for FC-25,  pin 4-5 MIDI DATA,  pin 3-6 12AC power for FC25 DC converter). To connect audio through a high impedance line buffer, connect to the lockable JACK 6,3 mm GUITAR IN


The rear panel has 6,3 mm ‘jack’ inputs used for connecting effects, audio signals and control switches for the amplifier and other devices:

GUITAR IN – Guitar input – same input as on the front panel, use either one or the other
TUNER OUT – ISO separated TUNER output
AMP 1 OUT – ISO separated output for AMP 1
AMP 1  SPEAKER IN – Connect to Amp 1 from speaker out jack.
AMP 2 OUT – ISO separated output for AMP 2
AMP 2  SPEAKER IN – Connect to Amp 2 from speaker out jack.
AMP 3 OUT – ISO separated output for AMP 3
AMP 3  SPEAKER IN – Connect to Amp 3 from speaker out jack
SPEAKER OUT – to load speaker
DIRECT  OUT – buffered audio OUT
LINE OUT –  ISO separated OUT with Level Control ( POWERAMP OUT )
SWITCH 1- 6 – used for controlling the amplifier channels, etc.
GND/LIFT – chassis ground lift switch
MIDI IN – used for communication with a midi controller
MIDI OUT THRU –  MIDI signal used for additional devices
MIDI CHANNEL –  switch used for switching channel from 1 to 16
POWER IN – power supply socket for AC  9V/1000mA (AC Plug 2,5mmx5,5mm)
EXT POWER IN – for AC power converter 12VAC /250mA (AC Plug 2,5mmx5,5mm)

Warranty 2 years

Power In: Power supply socket for AC 9VAC/1A Plug 2,5 mm x 5,5 mm
Operational temperature: -15C / +50 oC
Height: 44mm (1U rack space)
Width: 510 mm ( 1U rack space)
Length: 180 mm
Weight: 1,5 kg / 3 pounds


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