Midi Switcher SW-06S

Fully programmable switch equipped with 6 neutrally separate circuit changers, used for controlling channels and other amplifier functions through a MIDI interface. SW–06S can be controlled by any midi controller through PC (Program Change 1-128) and CC (Control Change CC1–CC8) over 16 midi channels. SW–06S is compatible with any CC and PC command sending controller. Of course, to ensure the highest standards of quality and stability we recommend using solely MARK L controllers.

7 quick access buttons control the programming of 128 programs sent by the midi interface:

S1, S2…S6 on/off switch (1-6),
STORE effects configuration save,
8 x 6mm NEUTRIK outputs are available for hooking up controllers,
8 x Switch used for controlling amplifier channels, tone etc…

On the back panel are to MIDI IN receptacles used  for connecting foot pedal signal and a MIDI THRU OUT, or a fly-by, thanks to which we can connect an additional MIDI device which can be controlled by the same controller as the SW–06S.

The  MIDI IN has built-in Power supply thanks to which only one cable is used for both the MIDI signal and foot-pedal power supply.
On the back panel, there is a rotary switch for changing midi channels (1-16).

Warranty 2 years

Power In: Power supply socket for AC 9VAC/300mA, Plug 2,5 mm x 5,5 mm
Operational temperature: -15C / +50 oC
Height: 44 mm / 1U
Width: 482 mm / 19″
Length: 220 mm
Weight: 1,5 kg / 3 pounds


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