Power Box PRO

The power supply adapter is designed all output  separate 9 VDC/300mA direct current  guitar effect pedals as well as effects (multieffects, sound processors) that operate on a 9VAC/1,2A.
The Mark L power supply adapter has high efficiency toriodal transformer, equipped with an electromagnetic shield.

10 independent sections powering a separated galvanic, immunizing from any distortion caused by a 230V/115V mains power supply. High capacity electrolytic condensers ensure perfectly clean exit voltage while high-quality professional voltage stabilizers ensure stable operation of the power supply box.

Equipped with 5 professional, metal output-housings and cables powering 9 effects operating on a 9VDC and  effects operating on a  9VAC . As standard equipment, the unit comes with power supply cables with BOSS type plugs (2,1mm x 5,5mm) for direct current and 2,5 mm x 5,5 mm plugs for alternating current. If a need exists for other types of plugs such as MXR (mono plug 3.5 mm) please ad notate this in the order.

The Power Box PRO also includes several safety features preventing:

short circuits – when a short circuit occurs on the output circuit the power box kills power from all outputs
thermal (working in demanding environments such as overheating while working above 4A, the power box kills 230V mains and automatically powers back up after safe operational temperatures have been reached
overvoltage – the power box is equipped with  topical fuses safeguarding 230V mains and a 15oV and 250V varistor

The Power Box PRO  housing is made from a fully zinc-plated and later powder coated steel, thanks to which the housing is magnetically shielded, while remaining highly scratch and dent  resistant.

Warranty 2 years

Power In:  230V/115V  50/60Hz
Operational temperature: -15C / +50 oC
Height: 65 mm
Width: 145 mm
Length: 100 mm
Weight: 2,5 kg / 5 pounds

Power Out:

6 x 9VDC/300mA  – for standard effects ( BOSS and other )
2 x 9VDC/1,2A      – for standard effects & procesors ( BOSS, EVENTIDE and other)
2 x 9VAC/1,2A      – for processors, midi controllers, midi loop & other


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