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  • SOS reviews the Mark L pedals

    SoundOnSound magazine have reviewed the MarkL pedals for their October edition of 2013.

    This is their final thought on the 3 pedals:

    These are well-made pedals, which have been voiced by musicians who know exactly what they’re aiming for. While each has a unique character, they’re all in the same league in terms of quality as, say, Fulltone’s pedals. My favourite is the Vanilla Sky: it does everything you could ask of an overdrive pedal, without trampling your tone. Considering that these are boutique, hand-built pedals, the cost is very reasonable.

    You can read the entire review here!


  • New year, new house, new workshop, new test-room

    But still the same old quality stuff that we are dealing with!!

    Last month we moved into our new house. As some of you know this involves a lot of work. And if there’s inventory and gear involved, even more so.  We have been doing a lot of work in December and are more or less settled.

    The good news is that we will now have a better and bigger workshop and a nice test-room for you to try out amps, pedals etc. We are doing the final bits to get things ready and will post some pictures!

    We are really looking forward to 2013, we are working on some new stuff, some new products but more will be posted about that in the near future! We are also doing some updates to the website for better navigation etc.

    And finally, it has been mentioned before, look out for our 1st giveaway.  Details to follow very soon but I can already tell you there will be not 1, not 2 but 3 lucky winners!!!


  • We are moving!!!! Give-away coming soon!!!!

    If you are wondering why things have been quiet around here, I will tell you why!

    For the past couple of weeks we have been knee-deep, or should I say elbow-deep, in preparing our new house. Removing wall paper, sanding wooden floors, putting up new wall paper, painting etc has been our drill. We are in the middle of packing up all our stuff and will be moving by the end of next week!

    These are exciting times but also stressful and time-consuming.  With our stock being boxed up, we will not be able to ship orders until after December 3rd. Response time to emails will also be slow and we will be out of internet connection for several days.

    The good news is that we will have a proper place for you to test out all our great gear!! But more about that later. To celebrate this new step, we will be doing a give-away soon.  Keep an eye on these pages!!!


  • Road-testing the MLC SubZero60 and 2×12!

    I finally found some time to setup my little midi-board to work with the MLC SubZero60 amp.  I created 3 different banks of presets: clean, low/med gain and high gain.  And then we were off to do some rehearsals with this very attractive packages.

    I have the 2×12 loaded with Vintage30s and I am playing them in the correct way: rocking out loud!  The SubZero60 has 3 excellent sounding channels. The simple clean channel sounds stellar and it takes od-pedals like there is no tomorrow!  The 2 gain channels gave me all the dirt I could want.  Adding a bit of FX here and there and I was SERIOUSLY digging this setup. I was NOT disappointed!!

    Next step is taking this setup to the stage and I will also be recording some clips/video of it. In the meantime, check out the clips on the MarkL Youtube-page!


  • Tommy Denander, check him out!!!

    I had heard the name before but had no idea who he was. He was playing during the Jam Of The Year sessions on the Agora-stage at the Musikmesse and I was totally blown away by this guy.  My buddy Christian Tolle said he’s like Lukather-on-steroids and that’s a good description.

    Check Tommy out laying down some killer stuff on these Toto-songs! Keep watching because the end solo of Rosanna is awesome!