Rig advice

You’ve got all this cool gear but you are not sure how to use it to get the sounds you want? Or maybe you are looking for particular tones and aren’t sure where to start? Always fancied using a dual-amp setup but were afraid it will cause more issues than joy?

It’s amazing to see how much truly fantastic stuff is available these days and with the internet, there’s a wealth of information out there. But for a lot of people this is very daunting and buying gear can be a hit ‘n’ miss. And nobody wants to waste money and be dealing all the time. Your time is much better spend using your gear whether it’s professionally or just for fun.

Our goal is not to sell you some stuff but to make sure you sound as good as possible and get the most out of your gear. We can help you decide what you need or how to use your gear so you no longer have to worry about it and can focus on the important stuff.


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