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  • SOS reviews the Mark L pedals

    SoundOnSound magazine have reviewed the MarkL pedals for their October edition of 2013.

    This is their final thought on the 3 pedals:

    These are well-made pedals, which have been voiced by musicians who know exactly what they’re aiming for. While each has a unique character, they’re all in the same league in terms of quality as, say, Fulltone’s pedals. My favourite is the Vanilla Sky: it does everything you could ask of an overdrive pedal, without trampling your tone. Considering that these are boutique, hand-built pedals, the cost is very reasonable.

    You can read the entire review here!


  • Some clips of the RR Amps FatDrive

    Here are some clips with the FatDrive into my plexi with my Tyler Telecaster and Tokai LP.

    The FatDrive works equally well as overdrive as it does as booster, it can seriously kick your amps ass. I recorded 3 clips with each guitar,1st one is for reference and without the FatDrive engaged. The 2nd clip has all controls on 12:00 on the pedal, the last clip has Level and Treble at about 1:00 and the Gain at 9:00.


  • Tommy Denander, check him out!!!

    I had heard the name before but had no idea who he was. He was playing during the Jam Of The Year sessions on the Agora-stage at the Musikmesse and I was totally blown away by this guy.  My buddy Christian Tolle said he’s like Lukather-on-steroids and that’s a good description.

    Check Tommy out laying down some killer stuff on these Toto-songs! Keep watching because the end solo of Rosanna is awesome!