Nothing can beat a well soldered cable with a quality plug.  So we have a range of options available for you.  As with cable, you can use smaller and lighter plugs on the board or inside your rack. We have plugs from Rean, Switchcraft and Hicon for that. For all the other stuff, we recommend the quality stuff from Neutrik.

Let us know what you are wiring up and how much connectors you need and we will help you choosing the right parts!

These are some of the plugs we have in stock and their prices but let us know if you need something specific!!

Hicon pancakes – 2,4euro
Switchcraft 380 – 5,5euro

Neutrik straight (mono) – 3,5euro
Neutrik straight (stereo) – 5euro
Neutrik angled (mono) – 5,5euro
Neutrik angled (stereo) – 6euro
Neutrik silent straight – 10euro
Neutrik angled silent – 10,5euro
Neutrik XLR female – 5euro
Neutrik XLR male – 5euro

Rean straight plug – 2euro
Rean straight stereo plug – 2euro
Rean speaker – 2,5euro

9v DC 2.1mm straight – 1euro
9v DC 2.1mm angled – 1euro
9v DC 2.5mm straight – 1euro





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