Pedalboard building

These days, almost everybody uses a pedalboard and the variety of boards is fantastic.  What’s more, there are so many pedals out there, it is a fantastic time to be a guitar/bass player and have all those cool toys at your feet.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of pedalboards that suffer from bad wiring, bad power, hum etc. We all know it’s a lot cooler and way more fun to buy a pedal than buying a decent power supply. Having a board that doesn’t hum or buzz and has pedals that perform at their best, will definitely help you to be more creative. So why not pay attention to that?

What about the cable mess on the board? And what about the one between your board and the rest of the setup? Do you have any idea how horrifying it is to see a guitarist wasting time untangle a bunch of cables and then trying to remember how to hook them up to his board and amp? There are easy solutions to this problem!!

And this is were we step in! Creating a roadworthy, great sounding board that can be set up with minimal hassle doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Often this can be achieved using off the shelf units combined with the use of good cables, quality connectors and a good wiring job. And if you need a custom solution, we can help you with that as well!

Are you fed up with the mess that your bandmates refer to as “the spaghetti incident”? Well, then it’s time to contact us and discuss your needs and wants for the pedalboard. This can be state of the art or have a minimal approach, we will discuss what’s best for you and your board.

We only use quality parts for the builds. We have our preferred brands but we can use other materials as well. For cables we like to use Mogami and Van Damme, connectors and the like are Neutrik, Switchcraft, Rean (by Neutrik), GLS etc. We can also help you with sourcing parts for the board eg. power supplies from Burkey, Voodoo Lab, Cioks, pedalboards from PedalTrain etc.


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