To wire up your rack or pedalboard, you do not need to use the standard guitar cable.  You can use cable of a smaller diameter providing it’s quality stuff.

We suggest using Van Damme patch cable for the wiring.  This high quality cable has a diameter of 4.5mm (vs 6mm for most instrument cables) so it’s easy to wire in narrow places and tight corners.  It has a resistance of <90pF/m so it will be good for your tone as well. If you want to go even smaller we recommend Mogami 2528.

For longer runs, between board and amp, cable snakes etc we have the industry standard Mogami 2524 as well as Van Damme Pro Grade instrument cable.  These are very durable and can withstand years of heavy use!

Prices (excl shipping):

Mogami 2524: 3,5 euro/m
Mogami 2528: 4 euro/m

Van Damme Instrument: 3euro/m
Van Damme Patch: 3euro/m


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