Jazzy Drive Deluxe

Jazzy Drive Deluxe is 2 in 1 effects: JAZZY DRIVE & JAZZY BOOST

JAZZY DRIVE is an overdrive build on the platform of the vintage overdrive, but the modifications give it a new, individual character. Thanks to incorporating and OPA BURR BROWN circuit as well as polypropylene capacitors we reached a perfect ‘tube tone’. The clear tone allows all nuances of solo and chord play to remain wide and transparent. Using the crunch channel in the MODERN position, you do not lose the bottom-end of the spectrum, but gain a meatier and thicker distortion. In combination with the CLEAN channel you get an incredible tube-style CRUNCH while using it with the LEAD channel you receive a strong solo tone.

The VINTAGE/MODERN switch allows you to choose between two distinct gain styles. In the VINTAGE position, the effect cooperates splendidly with older amplifiers like MARSHALL, VOX, FENDER etc, while not pumping out too much bass. In the MODERN higher gain position, the effect works very well with newer amplifiers like MESA, BOGNER etc.


Level Out: Volume control
Color Tone: DARK to BRIGHT control dial
Level Drive: CLEAR to DISTORTION gain dial
VINTAGE/MODERN LOW-END  boost regulator switch

JAZZY BOOST is a combination of three decades of sounds, beginning with the 60’s GERMANIUM boost, moving on the the 80’s style SILICON boost and finishing with the 90’s MOSFET boost. Each boost retains its unique character, allowing for a wide palette of sounds. This effects shows how JAZZ, BLUES and ROCK evolved over the years. With a three-position roatary  COLOR-BOOST dial, we choose between:

GERMAN BOOST – a very characteristic tone, meaning: a lot of middle and boosted highs together with a delicately cut lower-end spectrum. Based upon the legendary AC128 transistor, this effect has a very characteristic ‘glass’ sound typical of GERMANIUM transistors.
SILICON BOOST – a circuit based on a silicon transistor BC-108,  it neatly boosts the CLEAN channel.
MOSFET BOOST – amazing power, tremendous, deep and fat sound, together with 20db of clean boost, the sound becomes enormous with much more harmonics. This circuit does not include operational amplifiers and is solely powered by a  class ‘A’ JFET circuit.


Level Out: Volume control
Color Tone: Rotary tone dial MOSFET, SILICON, GERMAN
GERMAN BRIGHT: boost regulator tone switch

Warranty 2 years

Power In: Power supply 9VDC/100mA, Plug 2,1 mm x 5,5 mm or battery 6LR61 9V
Operational temperature: -15C / +50 oC
Height: 33 mm
Width: 188 mm
Length: 120 mm
Weight: 1 kg / 2 pounds


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